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E14 Soccer Performance is a player-specific training program created to give players the opportunity to work with highly qualified coaches to develop through private training, group sessions, or intense developmental camps.


E14 was created to give all its players bespoke training programs that focus on the individual's developmental needs within group environments. E14 training has trained players from all across the world. Players who have previously trained with our staff are currently or have gone on to play collegiate and professional soccer in the US, Europe & Across the world. 



Johan Cryuff is one of the most influential figures in modern soccer. In his playing days, he was an innovator with the "Cryuff" turn, he was a player that lit up the world with his technique and skill. After his playing days, he turned his love of the game into teaching the beautiful game the way he saw that it should be played. He took the dutch concept of total football and redefined it into an art form. 14 believed in the development of the whole player, the whole team, and the whole mentality. E14s training, development, and forward planning are based on a heavily influenced cycle of total football that Cryuff created. This type of mentality and thinking has shown huge success in the game being heavily involved in the development of players like Lionel Messi


Pep Guardiola said. "The influence of Johan Cruyff was huge, he changed the mentality of Ajax and Barcelona. His influence is not comparable. He is the most influential person in the world of football in the last 50, 60 years. Nobody can compare with him."

If you watch soccer today you will see Cryuffs influence. Pep Guardiola is one of Cryuffs original students of the game and his Manchester City side plays the way they do due to 14's influence. Jurgen Klopps Gegan pressing comes from Cryuffs defensive mentality of always having the ball as quickly as they can. It's not just coaches, players like Joshua Kimmich are your archetypal Cruyff player with his ability to play multiple positions at any time

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